Access Art Gallery, May-August 2020, Vancouver, BC

During our 3-month tenure, art/mamas will work to generate greater visibility, legitimacy, and acceptance for artist mothers in the male-dominated art world through a series of discursive events modelled on our monthly meetings. These gatherings are over a shared meal where the discussion tends to unfold around the intersections of our experiences as working artists, mothers, (many of us of immigrant descent).

For PLOT, the roundtable discussions we will bring in collaborators to address a range of topics such as intergenerational dialogue and mentoring with senior artists from the Vancouver community; precarious labour within academia; and, media art, motherhood, and activism. We will be reflecting on feminist perspectives on artistic creation throughout and a final gathering will manifest in a series of studio and performance-based works by artist mothers in the community at large that respond to our collective process at Access Gallery with a concluding publication. 

Find more info on our schedule of activities for PLOT and RSVP here.

Kwantlen University’s Arbutus Gallery, September 2017, Surrey, BC

Quality Time, invitation, 2017

This exhibition brings together individual works from A.M. (Art Mamas), a group of Vancouver-based artist mothers, whose discussions have centred on motherhood and art practice and the intersections between reproductive and artistic labour. A.M. aims to elaborate a model for a feminist, women-centred, sustainable creation process that integrates life and all of its chaos into a viable and valued way of being and creating without being marginalized by and excluded from the male-dominated art system.

SHE-I-LA: Women, Art, and Production
Fazakas Gallery, March 2017, Vancouver, BC.